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Monday, January 11, 2010

YUM! Toblerone Fruit and Nut Chocolate Bar

Ahh... Toblerone, one of my favorite candy bars of all time. As you may know- I love this candy bar so much that I concocted a Toblerone Buttercream frosting (highly raved by friends and family). Well this holiday, my awesome cousin Ate Charm (who reads my blog ;) and knows I LOVE all kinds of snacks) gave me a Toblerone Fruit and Nut chocolate bar. I really like the Cadbury Fruit & Nut chocolate bar so I was excited to try this new Toblerone flavor. The verdict? It tastes like a regular Toblerone bar with chunks of raisins. I really enjoyed it. I actually prefer the almond nougat honey bits compared to the big almond pieces that you may find in a Cadbury Fruit & Nut bar. The raisin pieces don't overpower the smooth chocolate. Wish I could tell you guys how much it costs, but it was a gift. If you see this candy bar anywhere, I highly suggest you buy and try it. It's yumm-o! ;)

P.S. Thanks again Ate Charm! If you find these again- I want more! haha!

1 comment:

  1. WalGreens :) and u r welcome...

    for your readers sake i will tell you the regular price. $2.49 but at times it goes on sale! ;)

    and I concur - i love Cadbury fruit and nut. but this one tops that - i enjoy nougat! :)

    BTW - those jap. burger chocolate things....YUMMY!