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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mama I Made It!

I've known William Yan for a few years now and I'm glad to say he truly is one of my best friends. He's such a visionary and inspiration in so many ways. One thing is for sure, I learned how to blog because of him (shh!). I woke up Saturday morning and saw his twitterfeed for a new category he's working on called "24 Tastemakers in 24 Hours" and saw my name. Me? A tastemaker? Nah kid- I don't know about that! BUT- I will claim the best friend title which makes me a tastemaker in his eyes. Oh, in case you're wondering why people call me "AimeeHustle" Will actually gave me that nick name when we worked as interns years ago and I just happen to run with the name. Thanks Brother Yan for everything! Love you for all our good times and even the bad. 

To the people who haven't heard of William Yan, check out his blogasaurus like right NOW! and don't forget to follow @williamyan on twitter

P.S. that's cute that you started that post with Keith and ended with me! That's one hell of a roster by the way, I am super honored to be a part of it. :)

LINK: 24 TASTEMAKERS In 24 Hours For 2010 | AimeeHustle

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