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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cooking With Mr. Fox: Grandma Clotilde's Spanish Rice

If there's one thing Mr. Fox and I both love, it's chickpeas. Awhile ago, we were talking about making Spanish Rice. When thinking of ingredients, we both agreed that if we did attempt to make it, it has to have 1) pink beans (or habichuelas) and 2) chickpeas (our fave). Mr. Fox would always talk about how his Grandma Clotilde would make it, so he named his dish after her! All its flavor elements are based on how she would have made it. So we attempted this recipe a few weeks ago and it was a hit. We cooked it yesterday again so I had to document it and share :) 
Key Ingredients: 4 cups of Cooked Uncle Ben's White Rice (cooked in a rice cooker), a drizzle of Olive Oil, a can of Chickpeas (drained), a can of Pink Beans or Habichuelas (drained), a can of Tomato Sauce, 2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes (not shown above), 2 tablespoons of Recaito, half a jar of Manzanilla Olives (drained), Salt and Pepper for flavor, one Chopped Garlic Clove, 1/2 a Chopped Onion, and a large skillet.

*Based on the above ingredients, this meal would serve 6-8 people
Drizzle some Olive Oil on your skillet. Put your stove heat to medium/high and wait until the oil is hot. Add chopped garlic and onions until brown and stir occasionally.
Next, add a can of Tomato Sauce to your Garlic and Onion mixture and simmer.
Add a Chicken Bouillon Cube to your tomato sauce mixture. Make sure to crush it into powder when it gets soft. 
NOTE: We put the other bouillon cube in the rice cooker to slightly flavor the rice. 
Then, add 2 tablespoons of Recaito to the mix.
Finally, add the 4 cups of cooked rice to the simmering sauce and mix thoroughly until all the rice is coated with the sauce.
Add your two kinds of beans (drained) to the rice mix and stir. 
Put half a jar of Manzanilla Olives (drained) to the rice mix and stir again.
Add Salt and Pepper to your liking and mix.
and last... ENJOY! :D

The dish is great by itself or a perfect side dish to accompany any protein. Thanks to Mr. Fox for another amazing Saturday and an amazing meal! 

SIDE NOTE: This meal is also super budget friendly and only took about $6 to make. 

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