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Friday, August 21, 2009

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! Um no? It's a Freakin' Possum!!

After a night out with my Dad, we discovered this friendly little creature lurking by our front steps to greet us. Last week- my Mom was complaining about something that kept crawling inside our garbage can and making a nasty mess... She had no idea what it was. I guess we solved the problem. It's the freaking Possum! It kind of looks like a big rat doesn't it? I have a phobia for rats ever since a little incident that happened to me when I was younger in the Philippines. It was close to New Year's Day and my cousins thought it was fun to put fireworks (paputok in tagalog) inside the little holes in the garden. As a few exploded, rats started coming out of nowhere and running scared. Mind you- we had plant racks welded onto the wall. So rats just started running wild across the plant racks. I realized that it was a bad idea to be in the garden that day because all of a sudden a rat jumped from the plant rack trying to land onto the floor and I happen to get in the way! The rat's claws scratched my face! Don't worry guys- I don't have rabies!! You might not believe me but if you ask my parents they'll laugh and tell you it's true. Anyway, back to the story- so as this possum tried to run away from us, it jumped on top of our gate and was chillin' for a good 20 minutes. Me, being the freak that I am, stayed with the night creature because I'm so curious and wanted to play Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to see how he would jump off and started taking pictures at the same time for evidence. Now here I am- blogging about a traumatic childhood experience and sharing a picture of the possum. Isn't he cute? He totally posed for the pic! SYKE!! This sh*t only happens in Staten Island... FUR-REAL!

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  1. Hey there - I just had to comment as I live in Western NC, in the mountains, and when I lived in the country I used to see them a lot. Most people say they find them ugly, but I always thought they were cute! They're not very smart, though. There's a joke people up here in the mountains tell: "Why'd the chicken cross the road?" "To prove to the possum that it could be done!"