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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Feet! :)

Look at my dancing feet! Earlier this summer, while hanging with the homie @williamyan , I saw these awesome sandals with drawn fingers from Camper Shoes at the SoHo store. It's really funky and it looked awesome on my feets! It sucks because I passed on them which I now sadly regret since they're no longer at the store! I guess it's ok since Summer is ending and I should really plan for Fall.

(pic taken via iPhone at the store)

Then here comes Comme Des Garçons with these nifty Gold Toes lace-up shoes for F/W '10. Fancy! Flesh tone with red polished toes drawn on them.

LINK: Colette

Love the two interpretations from two different designers. I don't think everyone can pull this off, but to each its own right? Definately not your average pair of everyday shoes. They're abstract works of art and are for the creative. Would you rock it?

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