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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Eric and Aimee Sookie Bond

Last week, I was devastated when my boo boo Godric made his last appearance in the TrueBlood series. I really wanted to blog about him again but because of my special bond to Eric, I'm going to have to convert back to Team Eric because I love me some Viking! So it seems that Eric managed to trick Sookie to suck his blood. What does this exactly mean? Well- they will now be connected and Eric will know where Sookie is at all times as well as know her inner emotions. Of course Boring Bill wasn't too happy about this and sucker punched Eric. Poor Bill.. but at the end of the day the Viking got what he wanted. Despite being called an "a-hole" or a "monster" there was still a smile on Eric Northman's face. Here's a message to Eric, if Sookie wasn't willing to suck your blood. I'll do it!! "EYE VANT TO SUK YER BLUD!" (Dracula voice) haha

So the highlight of this week's episode was Sookie's dream sequence. Now ladies- how hot and steamy was her dream!? When I saw Alexander Skarsgard's naked body, I just wanted to press pause and stare at all his body's perfections. I really wish that I was Anna Paquin at that moment in the bed with satin sheets and Alexander touching my curves. But let's keep it PG-13 and i'll keep my thoughts to myself.. haha

I feel that this "bond" between Eric and Sookie was introduced too early for the tv series in comparison to the book (atleast from what I remember). Eric and Sookie look great together and you could see that there's chemistry cooking between the two. It's actually more exciting to watch than Bill and Sookie. Anyway, one thing got me puzzled. In the dream sequence, Eric talks about Sookie's qualities and why she'd make a great vampire. Then on episode 8, when talking about a maker's bond with his/her convert, the Viking said something like- "perhaps one day you'll know". So, is there a possibility of Sookie turning into a vampire in the future?!? Will she be converted? Sookie wishing for a conversion was definitely not in the books, that's for sure. The book version of Sookie enjoyed living and did not even think of the option of becoming a vampire. Oh no! Hey Alan Ball- maybe you picked up the wrong book when you wrote the last two episodes. That book is called Twilight. I hope Sookie opposes to be converted or opposes to the thought because she'll end up like Bella from Twilight. HAHA. Bella got pretty annoying when she kept begging Edward to turn her. Oh hell no! Not my Sookie. She's a strong character and she doesn't play games. Sookie is definately a G! Did you see how she stood up to Lorena, Bill's maker?! Now Sook is definately not a Bella type. Oh HELL NO!

In sum- great episode! Can't wait for tomorrow! Alexander Skarsgard is a GOD. Now I wish I had an Alexander and Aimee bond. It seems like everyone's getting a bite out of him. First Lady Gaga in the Paparazzi music video and then Anna Paquin. When will I get my turn!?!

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