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Monday, August 24, 2009

Hail Jason Stackhouse!

OH EM GEE! Ryan Kwanten aka as Jason Stackhouse from the HBO Series, TrueBlood has now graced the pages of GQ Magazine on this month’s September issue. Why was all my attention focused on Alexander Skarsgard (he plays Eric Northman in the series FYI) when Jason was here all the time?! A-Skars must’ve just glamoured me I guess? Check out my homage to Jason Stackhouse from last night’s spectacular episode 10 where he truly shined. Not only did he save Sam Merlotte, but he also fooled the zombie’d out people of BonTemps by acting as the fake god- Dionysus. I guess Jason isn’t so dumb and self-centered after all. He cares for his town and is built for battle! Am I the only one that feels he doesn’t get as much shine as the other characters? Being Sookie’s brother is definitely not an insignificant role. I just don’t hear as much buzz on him. Don’t worry Jason, I GOT YOU BOO! ;) You look awesome in your photo shoot and the styling is fab! Hey Looking good Jason! Mmm..hmm.. ;) If you need someone to fill the void from your previous relationship with Amy Burley- my name is Aimee too, but spelled differently ;) Enjoy the pics ladies!

LINK: GQ via men.style.com


  1. he is a faerie! :P hahaha i don't know why you find eric cute...I noticed this one. Maybe you didn't notice him right away he was always showing his bottoms a lot during the first season. LoL

  2. I think it's cos he's a womanizer which is y i wasn't so intrigued w. his character but he sure is sooper guapo. Jason also looks like he has like 3% of body fat! He's to envy!!

    Oh and I like Eric because Bill is boring!! I actually like the actor.. sigh* Alexander Skarsgard!!