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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AY YA YAY for Team Jacob

This post is dedicated to Team Jacob: @annaWHY & @LadyHood

HELLOOOOO Taylor Lautner! I know this interview from Interview Magazine is a month and a half old, but I just saw it ok? Cut me some slack. Ya'll know I'm Team Edward all the way when it comes to Twilight, but now I really understand why the ladies love Jacob. The actor really makes a character and this proves why. I have a new found respect for Jacob the werewolf and it's because of Taylor. Homeboy pumped major iron to get his role right and it shows. That 30 lbs. did your body GOOD. Yowserzzz! Check out the interview by Michael Martin and get to know Taylor a little better.

Here's the YouTube video:

Umm. Hi Jacob... call me? ;)

LINK: Interview Magazine

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