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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Vampire Diaries? Love Sucks?

WHO: The Vampire Diaries
WHAT: A new vampire based television show based on a Young Adult book trilogy by author L.J. Smith. It's a story about a teenage girl named Elena, who is torn between two vampire brothers named Damon and Stefan. One vampire is good and the other one is evil.

WHEN: premieres Thursday, September 10th (a week from today)
WHERE: the CW Network (check your local listings)
THOUGHTS?: Seems like everyone is really jumping on the vampire band wagon because of the success of Twilight. Funny how the actor Paul Wesley's character, Stefan looks a hell of a lot similar to my boy Edward Cullen (played by the super charming and handsome Robert Pattinson). Check out wtforks.com to see what I'm talking about! I'm kind of mixed. It's on national tv so they can only cover so much to make it so interesting. Twilight is a movie and TrueBlood is an hour long and is on HBO (no holds barred). When it comes to vampire related national tv series, I only like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. :-/ But for the love of vamps, I'll watch it and give it a whirl. Hope you don't upset me CW Network!

LINK: cwtv.com

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