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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Finger Rings and Gold Teeth, and Ain't Afraid to Hold Heat...

Vampire Desire 3-finger Ring
"Two Finger Rings and Gold Teeth, and Ain't Afraid to Hold Heat..." - Raekwon, Ice Cream
Check out this super dope 3-finger vampire ring from NY based jewelry designer, VeraMeat. It's so amazing! I need to get rid of my 2-finger name ring and get this upgrade immediately! VeraMeat has some super cool and eclectic jewelry available too if you're not into the whole vampire theme. Her accessories are available in copper, silver and gold. Super well-made and individually crafted. Plus, I knew this artist's pieces looked familiar because I've seen Khloe Kardashian (my favorite whoadie) wearing her jewelry on her reality tv show, Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami. Amazing stuff!

Here are some of her vamp inspired pieces and some of my faves:
Vampire Love 2-finger Ring (for those that can handle only 2 fingers and not 3.. LOL)

Dead or Alive Necklace (It's not only a necklace but converts to a wearable vampire grill! SICK!)

Would you rock it? Cause I SOOO WOULD!

Shouts to my homegirl and jewelry designer extraordinaire Justine Sherry of dinosaursofnewyork for sending me this link! She's always on the look out for super dope accessories! Check out her blog, I also got two awesome pieces from her this week that I'll be posting soon so be on the look out! ;)

LINK: VeraMeat via dinosaursinnewyork


  1. Personally I'll take the 2 finger name ring over this anyday. (I got mine from www.wow-imports.com) Now I have seen some really nice 2 finger rings but this is just my taste.

  2. H.O.W.L.