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Friday, September 18, 2009

Retail Fix: Topshop x Christopher Kane

So I've always wanted the Christopher Kane Gorilla dress when I first fell in love with it while strolling along Barneys but never had the will power to spend money on it. I dwell on my dream dress up to this day... but alas, I waited patiently and settled for the next best thing- the Topshop x Christopher Kane collection. I totally forgot today was the launch until it popped into my mind during lunch (thank God I got out of work early today)! I jetted to Soho to view the collection and was hoping to buy the Crocodile Tee or dress if there were still any left and there was!! :) I got the tee because the dress is too long for a shorty like me. Kinda fits like a dress anyway! The fabrics used for the collection is fab, not dingy or cheaply made. Lots of eyelets, gems, embellishments and sheer! My manager friend (hi!) told me that there were about 40 people scattered around in front of the store before opening. When the doors opened- game faces for some serious shopping! There's plenty of dresses/shirts/bottom still left so head on over to Topshop Soho if you're in NY, their stores in London or Topshop.com- well worth it for the fashion recessionistas craving for Christopher Kane designed pieces (price ranges from $90-$360). Plus they give you an awesome crocodile shopping bag and stickers for every purchase while supplies last! ;)

Go get your fix:
Topshop Soho
478 Broadway
New York, NY 10013
visit Topshop.com


  1. weren't we just talking about resisting ur shopping urges?!?! lol that neverrr works

  2. When I got back upstairs I remembered and then the $ for the shoes I wanted went to my croc tee. Now I gotta be good and stay away from stores until October. Or maybe mid October? LoL now I have something to wear with my dinosaursinnewyork piece :-X is that a good excuse?! Lol How can I say no to chris Kane?! Would you? lol

  3. Wish they had that in men's version with sleeves.

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  5. This dress is adorable-I wish I could snatch one up for myself! I also love the ring, it's super sweet--I always love fashion clothing and always have appreciation for those who love it. The above dresses are so beautiful and the color combination is so gorgeous as well. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

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