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Monday, November 2, 2009

My Halloween '09 Adventure

Even though Halloween was rained out this year, I still had a blast roaming around the city in search of dope costumes! Here's some pictures from my Halloween. I didn't get to take as much as I wanted to because of the rain, but here's a recap! :)
L to R:My god daughter Celine as a cute lady bug and her sister Carla as Bat GirlTony as PeeWee Herman. He was even doing the laugh and everything!My TrueBlood Vampire Costume laid out on my bed: Fangtasia Tee, TrueBlood Bottle, Vampire Fangs, Theatrical Blood, Fake Eyelashes, Red Lipstick :)Eli Cash from The Royal TenenbaumsA Blackberry, Eli Cash and Harry Potter hangin' out as a crew!Teletubbies! They’re so scary cute!!@keefwasheretoo as "ALL BLACK EVERYTHING"...My Complete TrueBlood Vampire Costume... Hurts So Good!! LOLALI G! RESPECT!Marching Band Girl and MR. Amber Rose :-XPO PO everywhere!!Homeboy said he was a "Sloppy Whore"...Lil Freddy, Lil Jason and Lil' Wayne?Voodoo PrincessesSomeone was pushing a piano with a girl sitting on it.. crazy!Heroes in a Half Shell: Raphael and MichaelangeloDonatello and Leonardo! Turtle Power!!The Best Lady Gaga Costume of the evening! @williamyan as Cookie Monster with his friends Bert and Ernie!The Best Costume Award goes to my homie Doves as Raymond Stantz from Ghostbusters! He made his own proton pack that took him 2 years! It was amazingly detailed!Who you gonna call?! Ghostbusters!!Ghost TrapTofu Kids!The Joker, complete with the green smoking van and everything!The 'Burger' King and Wendy.. who would've known!!Ronald McDonald and Alan Garner from the movie The HangoverThat's all folks!

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  1. LOL @ "Sloppy Whore" costume. And damn that Ghostbuster's costume is full of win.