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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mmm... Chocolate Tree Stumps!

There's just something with me and food in bizarre shapes and form! Check out my new Japanese treat, Kikori no Kirikabu (Chocolate Tree Stump Cookies). Remember my old post on Chocolate Hamburgers? Well move over Burger! Meet the new kid in town! SOO good! It's self explanatory- milk chocolate stump and cookie core. I think I like this better than Every Burger because there's more chocolate when you bite into it and no sesame seed after taste. It cost me $2.29 comes in a pack of two with each pack containing 12 tree stumps (I ate one before I took the pic, SORRY I couldn't resist)! Cop it at your local  Japanese Grocery! DEELISH!


Oh, and don't you just love the Japanese lumber jack and his little bunny?! Adorable! :P


  1. u find the weirdest snacks. O_o haha awesome.

  2. I tried it too yester. Googled them and came across your blog.