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Monday, November 2, 2009

Michael Jackson: This Is It

So Friday night, I decided to finally watch the highly anticipated Michael Jackson movie, This Is It and I'm so glad to have watched it in the movie theatre especially during opening week. MJ's memory truly lives on and was extremely evident as I walked into the movie theatre and saw people rocking fedoras, MJ tees, white sequined gloves and even a kid wearing a red "Thriller" jacket. I was truly in awe how people of all ages were there to celebrate this pop icon's memory. I really suggest for you go and see it if you're a huge MJ fanatic. I guarantee you'll be getting up off your seat to dance or sing a long (or at least have the urge to).

At the age of 50, Michael's still got it... from his flawless moves to his soulful voice. The movie takes you on a journey of his last days at rehearsal. You can see how he was such a visionary and a perfectionist. Emotions run through his veins in every song performed. I've never seen any artist as charismatic as him and it makes me miss his presence even more than ever. In the movie, Michael performs all the songs that his fans want to hear. A personal favorite of mine was when he sang "I'll Be There" because this song always makes me tear up and for some reason I always think of his passing when I hear this song. *sigh* He also gave a powerful performance for "I Can't Stop Loving You" as he sang this song with his female background singer. You can see emotion and amazing chemistry between the two. The CG used for Thriller and Smooth Criminal was SUPERB. He even relived his Jackson 5 performance. The costume design and the props were also incredible! Besides the great performances, you also bear witness to a funny and caring side of Michael.

The movie was just overall excellent. This tour would have been beyond amazing if he were alive to perform it but his legacy will surely live on. Supposedly this movie only has a 2 week run but rumor has it that Sony will extend viewing until Thanksgiving weekend because the movie topped the charts with a whopping $101 million worldwide during the first 5 days. So don't miss your opportunity to watch it!

LINK: This Is It

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