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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Big Belly Man (Japanese Version)

I got a little bit of Reggae in my system. Reason being? Well I worked at Classickicks in Elizabeth Street a few years back. Nick, the owner would play Reggae/Riddims all day every day and I learned to appreciate and love it. From classics to new sh*t he'd bring back from Jamaica, the store was always poppin'. OK, I'm rambling.. Anyway, for you Reggae heads out there- do you remember Admiral Bailey's song called "Big Belly Man"? If you do, check out this hilarz YouTube video from rapper Bigga Raiji with his Japanese rendition titled, "The Stomach Song". Even though it's in Japanese, I am laughing my ass off because the only words I know are "diet", "calorie", and "cholesterol". I thought it would be relevant to post since my last two entries have dealt with Japanese food. Check out homie, it's official tissue! LOL.

This joint is dedicated to my homegirl Sayaka aka Suki, I see you booboo! HAHA

LINK: Mighty Sweet

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