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Friday, October 23, 2009

Come Get Your TrueBlood at Fangtasia!

I know I'm a little late because everyone knows the TrueBlood orange soda came out. It dropped right before the Season 2 finale. I didn't get a chance to pre-order it online because I don't think I need a 4-pack. I just wanted a single bottle to keep for display. So this week I walked on over to the HBO Shop and it just so happens they transformed their store front into Fangtasia! Awesome.

I was able to buy my bottle of TrueBlood for $4 dolla! YAY.

Look at the TrueBlood Fridge! I so want one..

TrueBlood is available cold or warm (they have some by the register).

You can buy yourself a single TrueBlood for $4, a 4-pack for $16 or if you're blood thirsty- you can buy a 24-pack for $96!

So I didn't open my bottle to drink it but I've seen a bunch of reviews on line and they say it tastes like Sunkist soda. However, the bottle is an amazing replica and a must buy for any Truebie! Oh, since Halloween is coming up it's the perfect add-on to any vampire costume. :)

HBO Shop
1100 Avenue of the Americas (42nd and 6th Avenue)
New York, New York 10036
or buy it here.


  1. hey, np for the link, loveeeed the pics!!! Wish I could go there and buy myself a Tru Blood...maybe a Fangtasia sign too... :)

  2. This is so cool! Makes me miss True Blood even more now. Can't wait until the 3rd season starts up!

  3. I can not wait for Season 3! For now all I can do is just watch the DVDs over and over and re-read all the Sookie books. Thanks for the comments guys :)

  4. Just an FYI I bought the 24 pack and it is just 6 4 packs. I was hoping for different packaging or something. No price break either..but my fridge looks awesome =)

  5. I did pre-order Tru-Blood. Tastes great!!! Saving bottles...too cool to toss!
    Getting ready to order more. I have some on my sailboat in the fridge and guests on board do doubletakes..hehehehe!

  6. O you are look girl!
    A just posted your pictures on my blog www.newbites.blogspot.com
    Please, I hope you dont mind.

  7. Hi Aline, I just checked your blog. Thanks for the link love! :)

  8. Wow, just came across this blog and I can tell you you just earned like a bazillion cool points for this. Yerr, I was just like in this store yesterday, no lie lol. All I could do was feel like dang it's so white in here lol and they had a "muscle" in a suit just looking which was real creepy. AND yea that part, I got a bottle of Tru Blood which I'm gonna tag to my Sookie outfit this Halloween. I haven't tasted it either lol.