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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OTAFUKU: Crazy For Takoyaki!

I am a sucker for Japanese Food. There's just something enticing about it. It's so fresh, tasty and light. I can never turn it down and I always manage to eat it atleast once a week. Every time I hang with the homies, we always pass by Otafuku, a little hole in the wall in the East Village. Since I had an ill craving for Takoyaki (aka Octopus Balls- NO BALLSACK!) since Sunday, I decided to give it a try today. Thank god the bestie @WilliamYan was off so we grabbed a quick bite.

Ahh, the MENU! There's 3 specialty dishes that are offered in Otafuku:
1) TAKOYAKI, a baked savory wheat-flour ball with chopped boiled Octopus inside. If you're not a fan of Octopus, it also comes in Cheese and Plain.
2) OKONOMIYAKI, A Japanese style Pancake made of made out of shredded cabbage and batter. You can top it off with Pork, Beef, Shrimp, Squid, or Corn with Scallion. Some people also call it a Japanese Pizza.
3) YAKISOBA, Japanese pan fried noodles.
Out of the 3, we decided to try the first two- Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki. DEELISH! They do combo dishes so you can mix and match to your flavor palette's desire!

They bake the Takoyaki on a griddle and use chopsticks to form them into their round shape.


I had Combo D: 6 pcs of Octopus Takoyaki and Edamame. I must say, the Takoyaki batter was real tasty and creamy. The brown sauce is slamming! I found myself trying to chase the flavor of the brown sauce by clean dipping the plate. They also add a drizzle of mayo just because I heard that Japanese people LOVE mayo. It's also topped off with dried fish flakes. The edamame was plain, just had to get something green in my meal!

Look how creamy it is inside. It was bursting with flavor! When you slice it with your fork, the little Octopus bits come out to say hello. LOL

Will had Combo B: 6 pcs of Octopus Takoyaki and a Beef Okonomiyaki. Out of the two, I think he enjoyed the Okonomi the most. He ate around the pancake especially because the edges were crunchy. I had a taste of the pancake and I regret not ordering it. Even though its pan-fried, it tasted so light. Maybe next time..

I highly suggest this joint for some authentic Japanese street food. Prices are super reasonable and start anywhere from $3-9. The guy making the Takoyaki was cool because he let me take pictures and was polite. Drake's new single, "I'm Goin In" was also pumpin' in their sound system. Anyway, you can eat the food on the go or sit on the bench. Waiting time is not too bad- at most it will be 10 minutes. They cook the food in front of you. This place is just awesome and it hits the spot! Make sure to try it if you're in the mood for something new! :) I highly recommend it.

236 E. 9th St
New York, NY 10003-7503

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