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Thursday, October 8, 2009

CRIF DOGS: Hot Diggity Dogs!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to dine with 2 out of my 3 favorite Yan's-@annaWHY and Mr. @WilliamYan. Location for eats? Crif Dogs in the East Village for some delicious and some weird flavored selection of hot diggity dogs served up with yummo waffle fries or crunchy tater tots (a la Napoleon Dynamite.. GOSH!). In a city block full of specialty eats that cater strictly curry, dumplings or hummus- Crif Dogs stands out with a big plump hot dog above their awning that says "EAT ME", how inviting! Well I would love to! Their hot dogs are prepared either deep fried or grilled- Mmm.. TASTY! So let's get to it, what was for dinner? Get ready for some food porn! Pow chicka wow wow..

Anna had the "CHILI DOG" which is a well done hotdog with chili and raw onions, hold the mustard please.. and a small order of tater tots and birch beer.

Will had the "BLT" which is a deep fried hot dog wrapped in bacon with lettuce, tomato and mayo. He added a slice of cheese to add more flavor! ;) He also downed some PBR beer to complete his meal.

and last but not least, I had the "CHIHUAHUA" which is a fried hotdog wrapped in bacon with one side of fresh avocadoes and the other side with sour cream. Let me say- it was pretty darn tasty and I never thought I'd eat something like this because it just sounds so WEIRD but I gave it a shot as per the lady working the register. The creaminess of the avocado and sour cream balanced out the saltiness of the fried hotdog and bacon goodness. I also had it with a small order of taters and a lemonade to drink. The taters were BANGIN'! I just loved the crispiness. I was a real happy camper at the end of the meal!

Our food and drinks! DEELISH.

Great ambience, awesome service, and affordable weird eats! Supposedly they are famous for the "SPICY REDNECK" which is a fried bacon wrapped house dog with chili, cole slaw, and jalapenos. Hmm.. I think I'll get it next time! They also have veggie dogs for all you vegetarians as well corn dogs for people who crave for more deep fried yummy-ness. I highly suggest you visit Crif Dogs to rid of your hunger pangs.

Btw, there's a little phone booth on the side of the eatery. I'm not going to tell you what's inside as per the "P.lease D.on't T.ell" policy but it's freakin' awesome and it's definitely next on my destination list. ;)

Crif Dogs
113 St Marks Place
(Btwn Ave A & 1st Ave)
Follow @crifdogs on twitter!

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