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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Snoop As a TrueBlood Vampizzle!!

Everyday is the same thang, I creep in. It’s like TrueBlood, I sink my teeth in. -Snoop "Gangsta Luv"
So Snoop wants to be in TrueBlood huh? I dig this idea. Remember in 2001, he did that movie Bones? Now don't get me wrong- I didn't say I dig that movie but his character was pretty decent. He can totally pull off a TrueBlood character. Maybe as Tara and Lafayette's newly turned rappin' vampire cousin? LOL! Draculizzle Fo'shizzle Dizzle... Glad to know someone in the hiphop world is in tune with one of my favorite shows. Alan Ball, you need to holler at Snooooooooop (a la Drop It Like It's Hot)!

LINK: Entertainment Weekly

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