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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eastern State Penitentiary: Terror Behind the Walls!

After our visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and a quick stop around the Market Street area, we decided that we were all up for a quick little scare before heading back to NYC. Next destination? Eastern State Penitentiary!!! *cues eerie music* Glad to say that everyone was up for it except for a certain two (I won't call you out but you know who you are.. LOL). We all took deep breaths and were brave enough to go through the experience together. So ok, supposedly Eastern State Pen is a haunted prison with paranormal activity and ghost sightings. Its doors were open from 1829 and abandoned in 1971. The prison even housed the infamous Al Capone. During the Fall, Eastern State Penitentiary offers a day time tour and a night time tour that starts from 7pm and ends at 11pm. We purchased our tickets for the 9:30 tour and were greeted by their scary zombie guards. Just to let you know, the tour is approximately 30 minutes long and has 5 parts. Some part of the tour will be outdoors so if it's cold, dress warm because you will have to wait awhile outside.

But first, a quick shot of Henny aka Yeezy Juice to toughen up! And our haunted journey begins... *evil laugh*

Tickets to get in!

Escape prisoner aka Boyfriend #1

Boyfriend #2 Hey Boo! ;)

Keith and the zombie guard

Our greeter *wave*

Hold me! I'm scared...

Esmeralda was prancing around and greeting the guests


Will with his new booboo!

Found me another man!

Part 1 of the tour: INTAKE



The body

Zombie Nurse

Part 3: THE EXPERIMENT (in 3D)! This was my favorite section. They hand you 3D glasses and everything literally "POPS" right out!

Part 4: NIGHT WATCH! The zombie guards hand you a push flash light and you have to use your flash light to guide you through the winding hallways in complete darkness!

My push flash light

You mad scared son!

Frontin’ like you ain’t scared!


Two thumbs up from EVERYBODY!

Overall, I can't front! This was the icing on the cake as far as our Philly Trip. I wasn't as scared as I expected- then again, it's always fun to be part of a large group. The actors/actresses in the haunted prison did a terrific job trying to scare the crap out of us. Everyone flinched atleast once or twice (and don't deny it either!). I definitely suggest this venue for a good scare! Thanks for a great trip Philly! Adios!

2124 Fairmount Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19130

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  1. I only click on your blog when you post it on FB hehehe.... but you know what CC does something similar to this with her friend, the BROWN GIRL (she's bumbay). They do it to the GIRL SCOUTS. and they do pretty amazing stuff with all that make up, they actually did it about 3 weeks ago i think. check out her pictures. :)