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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Touch of Dead is HERE!!!

YAY! The long awaited Sookie book, A Touch of Dead is FINALLY here! Thank you Charlaine Harris! So to get this straight, it's a compilation of all the Sookie short stories taken from other books that Harris wrote plus some new ones.

There's a total of six stories which are:
"Fairy Dust"
"Dracula Night"
"One Word Answer"
"Gift Wrap"

I can't wait to read it on my commute home. It's going to be a quick read at 192 pages. So I wouldn't be surprised if I finish the book by tomorrow. I totally dropped the current book I'm reading since this one gets priority! LOL. Make sure you get your copy at Borders too because it's 30% off! Happy reading! :)

LINK: Borders

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